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Whether your energy efficiency project is to upgrade those costly broken down boilers or to put in smart new low energy lights,  Epsilon have the answers at the ready. From navigating the range of financing options available and helping with the applications process through to specifying the end products, project delivery and ongoing maintenance, Epsilon can manage  an energy efficiency project from start to finish.


UK Green Investment Bank

The UK Green Investment Bank plc provides equity or debt funding for energy efficiency, offshore wind, waste and bioenergy and other green projects. The bank was set up by the UK Government to accelerate the UK’s transition to a green economy.

Their website for further information is: http://www.greeninvestmentbank.com/

Salix Finance

Interest-free funding for energy efficiency technology upgrade projects in the public sector. Salix Finance is available to schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and other public sector buildings.

Academies Capital Maintenance Fund

In 2014-15, the Education Funding Agency is working with Salix Finance to deliver a portion of the Academies Capital Maintenance Fund for projects where energy efficiency improvements contribute towards the costs of the capital works.

Natwest Energy Efficiency Loans

NatWest are helping SMEs ensure both their commercial and environmental sustainability in the long-term with the introduction of a loans scheme  specially developed for investment in both energy efficiency, designed to give SMEs flexibility and security in the long-term.

Lease Finance for Energy Efficiency

Epsilon have a variety of operating lease solutions,  in effect a rental agreement which allows you to benefit from the installation of energy efficient technologies without the need to find the capital at the outset.


Self-financed projects can be the most staightforward to implement. An energy savings illustration with payback projection supplied by Epsilon is sometimes all that is needed to start the ball rolling. Energy cost savings show up straight away in increased profits.