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If you’re interested in exploiting alternative electrical technologies for your home, organisation or business then call us on 07624 346826 and we’ll arrange a time to have an informal, no obligation chat.

In some cases our customers are not only able to cover all of their own energy needs but they’re also able to earn an extra income by selling back any excess energy produced to the electricity supply company.

As part of the UK Government commitment to reduce dependency on fossil fuels the microgeneration of renewable energy is being actively promoted and a new financial incentive the Feed-in tariff was introduced in April 2010.

The renewable heat incentive where  small producers benefit financially  from the production of ‘green heat’ from solar thermal panels or heat pumps is due to follow shortly.

The small scale production of electricity from green energy could represent a novel and exciting way to earn an extra income as well as making a valuable contribution to offset the effects of climate change.

With UK interest rates at low levels an investment in one of the new green electrical technologies could see a more rewarding, consistent and less risky return on your capital compared with conventional investment vehicles.

However, before embarking on what could be an expensive mistake the first step is to determine how much green energy is available on your site and that’s where we come in..