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Sustainable tiny home is big on details

Sustainable tiny home

The variety of sustainable tiny homes never ceases to amaze, and more and more people are taking the plunge and building their own, with some even making a living out of it. Carrie and Shane Caverly of Santa Fe, New Mexico’s Clothesline Tiny Homes are another couple who have taken the plunge, downsizing from too much stuff, rent and/or mortgage to a simpler, sustainable and richer living.

Sustainable tiny home. © Clothesline Tiny Homes

Instead of an RV that would give the feel of an “interminable camping trip,” Carrie (an architectural designer) and Shane (a custom builder) decided to build their own sustainable tiny house, effectively reducing their $1,500-per-month mortgage payments to a now monthly $350 that covers renting their land, electricity and water. Here’s a video tour from HLN of this charming and sustainable tiny home.

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© Clothesline Tiny Homes

The Caverlys’ sustainable house was built intensively over the space of 3 months, and Jetson Green gives some details on the construction:

The Caverly’s eco-friendly sustainable home is built on a 5th wheel gooseneck trailer and features passive solar design, closed cell poly-iso foam insulation, low-E double-paned windows, FSC-certified manufactured wood siding, engineered wood flooring, post-manufacturer recycled framing lumber, on-demand hot water heater, low water incinerating toilet, recycled steel roof that collects rainwater, and greywater collection tank.

Sustainable tiny home. © Clothesline Tiny Homes

Some notable differences between the Caverlys’ sustainable home and other tiny homes we’ve seen are a bedroom located over the gooseneck hitch, the lack of a ladder to access the bed (which is a plus for people who can’t climb ladders), a small closet located under the bed, and the incinerating toilet — all thoughtful design touches.

Sustainable tiny home.© Clothesline Tiny Homes

Sustainable tiny home. © Clothesline Tiny Homes

Sustainable tiny home. © Clothesline Tiny Homes

The Caverlys are now building and selling replicas of their sustainable home for $48,000, in addition to providing plans, partial builds and design consulting. More over at Clothesline Tiny Homes.

Sustainable tiny home. © Clothesline Tiny Homes

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